The Artist - Mark Nicholas Burack

"I consider my work reality based Art. I photograph like a painter and think like an Artist".

In this life my name is Mark Nicholas Burack (in English) though it sounds way better in Ukrainian (if you can role your rrrr’s) - this old soul's light has shined through many faces. 
My Parents were born in Montreal but my brave Grand Parents came from the Ukraine and I grew up in Montreal and Vermont. Photography has always been my passion. I bugged my parents enough to have a decent 35mm camera, lens collection and tiny dark room at the age of 11. When I graduated from Bishop’s University I joined IBM and became a corporate "suit" for years and though I always had professional level equipment I did not shoot professionally until 2004. I moved to Toronto in 1985 and have made it my home since. My way too good looking son, Michael John joined us in 1997 - I’m very pleased he got his Mom’s face. 
A Different View. Many years ago I was introduced to a highly evolved Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche (a lama or "precious one") by a very special friend. I got about minute to speak with him so I asked what I was seeing when I was taking a photograph, he answered:

"What you see is like seeing the reflection of a mountain on the mirrored surface of the lake in front of it – it is not what is really there."

That experience and the light and energy that was coming out of that man's eyes have always influenced me, gave me something to strive for and it reflects in my work. I am fascinated with time - much of my work is about capturing beauty in the physical realm - freezing a moment in time and then transforming that "reality" to something new and different visually. I love comparing how a place I know or have experienced looks today vs. the same place decades or even lifetimes ago and my new Historic Collections are about that.   

My Art.

In my view, what is important and different when you compare my reality based Art vs. most hand created art is that the base image and composition are created through photographing something “real” and I capture reality and original historic prints in incredible detail. 

For example, if you get your face close to the Print on a 60 inch wide version of "Empire State View II" in the New York City Collection you can actually see the brake lights of the Taxi's lit up and count the people walking on the Streets in the bottom area of the image - even though I captured it holding the camera in my hands from the top of the Empire State Building through the protective iron work!  The vast majority of my reality based Art  and Historic Map reproductions have been created and captured in a way that gives you 3 different and unique viewing experiences. For larger prints you can enjoy the composition, from 8-12 feet, then walk in to about 3-4 ft. to see the incredible detail and "pictures within a picture". But what really makes this art a unique experience is getting your face close to the print to see the the type of Art you can enjoy for years. If you order one you will appreciate that aspect of my art for years, and I strongly recommend you order the one you love in the largest version that you can to fit the space you have in mind. 
PS. I strongly believe in leveraging my business skills and Art to help Fundraising Organizations, Not for Profits, Schools, Clubs and Charities, especially Toronto centric ones or ones that help Women and Children so I offer a number of ways to do that (online programs, gallery events, etc.). Please call me if I can help you and yours - Toronto centric Art is a great way to generate $ for great causes in this area.   

Thank you for visiting. I love what I do and I wish every visitor many blessings, outstanding health and good fortune.