Dream Photogaphy Packages

A simple concept - you dream it and together we make it reality.

If you love Art and photography you probably have had a "dream image" idea in your mind for a long time - or maybe an incredible set of images for your business - maybe it is finally time to commission the images you always dreamed about. Event, portrait of something or someone you love or a very special place,  - the possibilities are endless.    
Commissioning me to create your vision is fun and a once in a lifetime experience where we can collaborate to make the images in your head into a beautiful reality as a One-of-a-Kind fine art print in any size and material you want, or as a beautiful coffee table book, or any other material you can imagine. Turning your vision into Art is a personal statement you can share and enjoy forever in a very special place in your home, cottage or office. It is also an spectacular gift idea, as a special gift for yourself or for the person you know who has everything. 
Ideas for Dream Photography Packages I love:
  • Taking that amazing view at your cottage and turning it into a large scale print in your home or office in the City.
  • Taking a beautiful images of your favorite toys or collectables that you can display as magnificent large scale fine art prints - e.g. cars, boats, planes, etc., 
  • A once in a life time commission for that family or class reunion.
  • An "Anonymous Erotica" portrait (you will have to call me to explain this).
  • A portrait in period dress. 
  • Weddings and family events portraits captured in a more unique, emotional and artistic way. 
  • Creating an impressive photographic portfolio of your favorite collection or life's work.    
  • Very special images/portraits of the ones you love.
  • Creating that boudoir image you always wanted.  
  • Beautiful pet portraits.
  • Staging a portrait scene in period costume we can turn into a beautiful, large scale framed image.
  • Professional photography of your band playing live.
  • A professional action portrait of you playing your favorite sport.  
  • Capturing that once in a lifetime image you remember from a special place you visited that you never forgot.
Mark Nicholas Burack