Vermont Fence Soft Gray

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Vertical version of this image is a great composition. Gorgeous in this soft watercolour painted style and also available in tinted versions - I love the Violet version.

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For inquiries for Bespoke Orders, Sets, Trade Orders, One of a Kinds please call or text Mark @ 416 938 2489, or use the "Contact Mark" form on the home page or email . Each print is typically made to order within 10 working days and shipping cost is 10% for orders in Canada or the US for most sizes and types, shipping for orders over $2500 is free. Our largest framed prints, acrylics, etc., may also need crating or special packaging depending on material and or framing type - which can cost a little more (outside of the GTA). If you order the One-of-a-Kind option ($100) you can get a custom, one off version of any image you choose or you can even choose to order multiple images on one size of paper. Please note all images are also available in Black & White for no additional charges. We also offer custom order prints on non listed materials including glass, stainless steel sheets, wallpaper, waterproof materials, etc., not listed here. Call for quote.
Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering, Trade, Sets and Order Value Discounts are available.
Mark and the Team
Fine Art by Burack is F.A.B!

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17"x 22"* $175 +$100
16"x 20"* $175 $200 $275 +$100

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$350 $650 $525 +$100
24"x 36" $400 $750 $550 +$100
30"x 40" $500 $575 $925 $850 +$100
36"x48" $575 $725 $1250 +$100
40"x 60" $750 $950 $1800 $1450 +$100
48"x 72"   $1350 $2950 +$100


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Prices include Free Shipping in the US and Canada. Order your favorite images exactly as you like them in any material and size your prefer - if you do not see it here just call. Prices shown do not include applicable taxes - some large scale framed and acrylic print types may also have to be crated or specially boxed for delivery at additional cost depending on materials. Delivery is included and installation/hanging services are available in the Greater Toronto Area - please call for quote. All images available here are originally photographed or captured by the Artist, Mark Nicholas Burack - each Original Fine Art Print is signed and numbered by the Artist (Historic Prints signed, stamped on the back) and includes an F.A.B. Certificate of Authentication signed by the Artist. Please call for Trade, Set (2x, 3x, 4x0 and Order Value based discounts and promotions.

Gallery Matted Prints. 16” x 20” acid free, bevel matt size with precut 10" x 15" opening designed to fit into 16” x 20” retail framing. Includes backing board, protective clear sleeve and F.A.B. Certificate of Authenticity. 

Fine Art Paper Prints. Available on 17" x 22", 40" x 30", and 60" by 40" fine art paper - images sized to fit on paper with border for framing - to fit standard sized retail frames or matting openings like 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, etc.,. or a custom size to fit a frame you have now. If you order this option as a One-of-a-Kind you can order multiple images within the 17" x 22 fine art paper sheet for an additional $100. We use beautiful quality fine art paper for superb results. As fine art paper (looks/textured like art water colour paper - it has no coating it looks great framed from any angle you view it from - superb detail, colours are magnificent. If outside the GTA we ship in protective tubes with F.A.B. Certificate of Authenticity - GTA orders include free delivery - print comes flat with cardboard backer in a clear plastic sleeve.

Framed Fine Art Paper Historic Prints.   Available in three opening sizes 17" x 22", 40" x 30" and 60" x 40" in period correct Solid Wood Frames - please call for pricing and some images can vary from these sizes due to the aspect ratio of the original image. We use only quality solid wood period correct framing and leather frames, and our Gallery Framing features plexi/acrylic glass which is shatter resistant, much lighter, slightly clearer and MUCH safer to work with or hang in your home. Real glass and Custom framing also available but best to call first before you order. 

Gallery Canvas. Excellent choice for larger size prints, relatively light weight and ready to hang. Premium fine art canvas stretched over handmade, 1.5” solid wood frame with protective UV laminate finish. Includes protective packaging and F.A.B. Certificate of Authenticity. Also available with float frame at added cost.

Gallery Acrylic. Outstanding premium quality Acrylics that enhance vibrant colours, accentuate clear crisp details and add a three dimensional look second to none – they really make a statement. Ready for hanging, available on archival glossy or metallic paper, includes black Sintra backing, 1.5” float frame and F.A.B. Certificate of Authenticity.

Gallery Metal. A unique look that is only available in specific sizes listed. Ready for hanging fine art print on High Definition metal panel, includes back hanging frame that sits approx. 1.5” off the wall and an F.A.B. Certificate of Authenticity. (Note: cannot be signed and numbered on front panel by the Artist, only the back or Certificate so let us know what you prefer.

Original Glass and Stainless Steel Prints. For Collectors looking for something special we offer special commissions/one of a kind images printed on Glass, see through Acrylic Panels and Stainless Sheets which can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling or used as room dividers. Sizes range from 10 x 20 inches to 8 x 4 feet (or larger for commercial applications) and prices range from about $400 - $10,000. Please call for quote.   


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