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(Ok this is really the Gift Certificate, Corporate Gift and Fine Art for Fundraising Section, my diabolical and effective plan was to get you here and get you thinking about how we could work together to make some great things happen, MNB).

An outstanding Corporate Gift!  F.A.B. Bespoke Fine Art Prints build your brand - in a thoughtful way.

Gifting a F.A.B. Bespoke Fine Art or Historic Print featuring a personal salutation, corporate logo or "Thanks for the Business" message on the Print's border and on the Certificate of Authentication is a great gift that will be proudly displayed by your Client at their home or office.  Our Corporate Gift Services options include, F.A.B. Gallery Events and gift sized Fine Art Prints with salutations and logos that can fit in common retail frame sizes - Corporate Gift print prices range from $25 - $100 each depending on volumes, and delivery is available - as are larger sized framed or ready to hang fine art prints featuring a beautiful metal plaque when you really want to impress. If you live in the GTA we offer a great selection of Toronto Centric Modern and Historic Prints and Maps of the area that will be loved by local audiences and appreciated at home or the office. We also offer Commissioned Photography, Map, Photograph and Art Reproduction Services to create a unique and memorable Corporate Gift Programs.     

F.A.B. Fine Art for Fundraising.

Though I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years I have also managed Marketing, Strategy and Business Development at the VP level for over 20 years as well as being a Managing Partner/EVP for a very successful Agency. I now intend to combine my Art, Marketing and Business Development skills to leverage F.A.B. Fine Art for Fundraising - especially to help Children and single Parent Families. If I can help your Fundraising organization please let me know - I offer both Fine Art by Burack (F.A.B.) Gallery Events and Online Partnerships to generate funding, sponsorships and gifts on a partnership basis.

F.A.B. Gift Certificates are a fun and easy way to gift Art.

Think about it, gifting beautiful, signed and numbered F.A.B. print is very thoughtful gift – one that will be displayed on the recipient’s walls and appreciated by them, their families and their guests forever (unlike most gifts that end up in the drawer or closet, smile). F.A.B Gift Certificates are a fabulous gift for weddings, birthdays and the Holidays and one of the most amazing hostess gifts ever! Choosing the F.A.B. Gift Certificate option is smart, more convenient and easy to send electronically when your ready to - call for details.  

I invite you to visit my online Gallery at  and check out the Modern and Historic Collections I have photographed in WORK.